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A huge welcoming return to yourself, if you’re a regular visitor of My-Pet-Needs. Plus, a very warm and homely welcome to you, should this be your debut visit. Whether you've visited us many, many times previously or even if this is only your very first visit to our UK Online Pet Supplies Superstore - well, either way, you've still landed at My-Pet-Needs at the totally right time and place.

You can view in our Count per Day Stats online web counter, published in the sidebar column of each web page - just how very reassuringly, we can regularly and easily generate from up to and over 500-2,000 visitors each and every day.  My-Pet-Needs are very recently, strongly becoming one of UK Online Pet Supplies Superstore swiftest growing providers.

My Pet Needs Has Been Expanded To WorldWide Distribution

From week commencing April 17th, 2017, My-Pet-Needs are to support and accept orders from most world regional locations. Unfortunately, we haven't yet configured automated shipping costs. For this reason, international site visitors wishing to order would be advised to Contact Us-Here with product title(s) of any orders, plus your Country &/or region. We will then be in a position to reply by email of total shipping costs.

This would allow you to stay well within your budget, so you'll understand your total cost. When we've emailed you of shipping costs, plus order amount, and you agree with courier fees - we will then begin your order and shipping process. You will not be billed until you confirm you agree with shipping fees for your region.

Quite logically, total delivery waiting times are dependent upon distance and regional shipping frequencies, plus regional courier distribution services. Automated shipping pricing is problematic, with so many influences, including each region's local courier fees, plus currency conversion strengths or weaknesses.

'A senior admin team member, Kelly Diaz this week purchased Diamond Eyes Cat/Dog Tear Stain Remover, from My-Pet-Needs. For her 2 white Jack Russel breed dogs, Jake + Jill. We retail Diamond Eyes at just £2.75 / 125ml. This product Kelly researched retail prices on Amazon & she couldn't find on the retail platform giant, Amazon for under £6.99, plus p+p.'

My Pet Needs have updated our web pages content, by providing regional translation, by simple country flag selection, along with automated regional, live updated currency conversions. We are also inviting international signups of our Member Account to request of us for inclusion in our B2B  website Prize Draw Competition. Details and Links to competition rules are highlighted below.

We Have Supplies, Provisions, Accessories + Essentials

Plus, Sensibly Priced Toys + Gifts For The Following Pets And Interests

UK Quality Racing Pigeons Supplies

Yes, we’ve only just recently included fancy and homing pigeon's essential products, supplies, accessories, along with to our consortium of literally 1,000’s of premium, top quality pet’s products. My-Pet-Needs decided to include UK Quality Racing Pigeons Supplies for our collection, following market research reports.

This market research revealed there aren't too many hugely stocked showing and racing pigeon essentials providers. We believe we're swiftly proving ourselves as having the largest outlet and widest choice, for retail and wholesale orders of UK Quality Racing Pigeons Supplies. We've got all you'll ever need for your interest - even sliding slatted loft doors in various sizes!!

My-Pet-Needs provides Showing and Homing Pigeon Foods, Racing Pigeon Health Products, plus Racing Pigeon Products, where you'll find baskets, loft vacuums, plus timing clocks and even aluminum low + high Sputnik loft traps, etc. Many Showing and Racing Pigeon products can be purchased in both single retail and bulk wholesale purchase amounts. You'll find My-Pet-Needs are beginning to dominate UK Online Quality Pigeon Supplies, UK Online Pigeon Health Supplies, UK Racing Pigeons Health supplies, plus UK Quality Racing Pigeons Supplies.

We have recently acquired email contact details for each UK Racing Pigeon Club. However, My-Pet-Needs would strongly appreciate any Club Members or Officials, should they kindly pin our domain to their General Notice &/or Events notice boards. Prior to our sending your regular club our welcome invitation email newsletter.

"For displayed Featured UK Quality Racing Pigeons Supplies, kindly view our Pigeon Products image slider, published near the Footer area of My-Pet-Needs Sidebar Column. My Pet Needs have all of the essentials you'll ever need for your Showing or Racing Pigeons - we have vast supplies to deliver straight to your door" 

My-Pet-Needs could also provide you with single retail amounts or bulk wholesale amounts for some species unlisted within our main categories. These would include accessories, essentials, and supplies for such species as Reptiles/Lizards, Snakes, along with common wildlife preservation interests as Wild-Birds, accessories, essentials, foods, feeders, and housing etc.

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My-Pet-Needs are here for yourself to assist lightening the load for your loving pet’s bulk or single orders amounts. By offering delivery throughout the UK. Shopping online for your pet products makes so much sense. Our UK Online Pet Supplies Superstore deliveries are ideal for visitor's who may be housebound or maybe visitors who do not have transport for shopping for their pet's heavy or bulk, critical essentials.

Or, just maybe ideal for our site visitors, who would prefer peace-of-mind and have their pet's accessories and vital essentials ordered and delivered, before they've run dry of their current supplies. Consider you may be confined to home for a prolonged period, due to torrential or arctic weather conditions; natural disasters; terrorism, civilian rioting, anarchy...

Any of these threat's to normal routine could end up seeing you placed without your pet's essential supplies. Plus, place your pet's under undue duress. Whatever possibly your reason for securing your pet's critical essentials - we have your custom, single or bulk orders, just waiting for your kind purchase and our distribution.

 UK Best Online Pet Supplies Superstore

We can supply you with all of your retail pet essentials, starting from just £0.20p. My-Pet-Needs are a totally dedicated and highly focused UK Best Online Pet Supplies Superstore. Visit our vastly stocked Products Categories today, in order to supply your reliant pets with all the essentials and critically important products they need from day to day. 

You could, if you purchase in advance of exhausting your pet’s supplies, you will never suffer the risk of your pet's running out of their essential basic needs. We will most reassuringly deliver right to your front door. This would gently provide you with guaranteed peace-of-mind. "My-Pet-Needs are Always Here for Your Pet's Needs."

My Pet Needs Could Simply Provide Each Pet You Keep

The Following Premium Quality Pet Essentials


My-Pet-Needs are not only a retail consumer UK Best Online Pet Supplies Superstore. Not at all, we are also one of UK's leading Pet Supplies Wholesale and Bulk Order Providers for many, almost countless of the following pet industry trades and professional keepers:  We have also recently expanded out to provide retail and wholesale pet supplies to a worldwide target audience.

 UK Online Quality Pet Store Supplier


Should you be a trader or professional keeper or pedigree breeder, please view our Featured 'Trade Deals' Wholesale Products Image Slider, published near the footer of our site sidebar. This doesn't list all our available wholesale deals or provide detailed product description. For this reason, many products don't display total items count, in our image sliders.

"My-Pet-Needs Wholesale Pet Trade Deals are now also available to our Retail Customers, whom should wish to order multiple supplies for their beloved and dependent Pets. Just simply click the Wholesale Trade Deals you wish to order multiple supplies for, and you will no longer need to include your business title or Registered VAT Number, for our displayed Wholesale Trade Deals."

Our single supplies retail customers should visit your pet’s Product Categories provided on this very web page sidebar column menu. With each Product Category having multiple subcategories, just to make certain that you’re swiftly at the exact products for your pet’s requirements. Or you could even enter a product search in the provided area, in the header above.

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My Pet Needs are well-pleased that we can now offer our customers the additional option of purchasing a Gift Card, for somebody they care for. Our Gift Cards are automatically delivered to the email address of the person you would like to buy a gift for. This could be a huge help to somebody who has one or more pet's & is struggling to manage to care for their animals financially.

Our Gift Cards can be ordered from the cart area when you add a product ready to order. Gift Cards can also be accessed through our Checkout webpage. We include a text area, where you could add a meaningful note to accompany your kindness. Gift Cards can be used to order products, pay shipping or tax, they can even be used to order other Gift Cards.

We allow recipients to use the full balance of the Gift Card, as when the last of the balance is used to make an order, if there are not enough funds remaining on the Gift Card - the order total can simply be topped-up through PayPal or credit/debit cards. If you're really worried about somebody you care for pet's and they're struggling, provide them with a lifeline of hope today. There are no expiry dates with our Gift Cards.

We, at My-Pet-Needs, fully realize our pets are wholly dependent on us for their every basic need - from feeding to housing, bedding, treats when our pets are ill or injured. Also so much more, including loving snuggles. It's through our care and commitment that our pets learn to display confidence and trust. Which helps our pet's to display continuously assertive and playful moments. Along with plenty of many countless, wildly hysterical, displays of mad, funny half-hours characteristics.

Sign up today, for our My-Pet-Needs Member Account, to manage and make a record of your order history. Our Support Angels are waiting to hear from you – with each team member selected especially because they’re a loving, compassionate and responsible pet owner themselves.

Plus, Member Account's signed-up before end 31st March 2018 - would automatically be included in our newly launched My-Pet-Needs Prize Draw Competition, with winner benefiting from an internet retail business. More details below.

Important Note:

It's vitally important My-Pet-Needs UK retail and wholesale shoppers do realize there will be an additional charge of 20% UK VAT revenue, plus shipping/delivery costs included to our displayed product prices. Our current customers usually benefit from placing multiple orders for the exact same shipping rates as a single order. 

This would usually be for multiple orders of any lightweight or small sized single items. For example, should you order a collar for your dog, postage fees shouldn't rise when you include a lead/leash with the same order. These multiple order shipping rules would only be acceptable when the multiple orders are purchased together.

UK Shipping Rates

My-Pet-Needs smallest and lightweight product deliveries start prices from just £2.25. Our Shipping Rates Table can easily auto-configure the UK, Northern Ireland, and Eire shipping costs, up to and including 2 tonnes in weight. This would normally be for wholesale bulk products & same product or mixed shipping pallets orders. For any orders over 2 tonnes in weight, we would suggest you simply create multiple orders.

£2.25 Shipping Rates Table starting price would include UK Deliveries, of up to and including 100g gross weight. The second Shipping Rates Table automated pricing has been pre-fixed at just £2.95. However, this includes orders of up to 10x more weight than our shipping starting price, of up to and including the gross weight of 1,000g or 1KG.

Our shipping rates only then double to include up to 2KG in gross weight. However, shipping costs only increase to £3.95. You could include many of our products in a multi-order, and still not exceed your £3.95/2KG, permitted gross weight allowance. As we have mentioned, UK shipping costs are auto-calculated when you enter your postcode. This way you would never be alarmed by your order ever being over your originally planned budget. Is Gross weight inclusive of packaging?

Any Questions Or Concerns? 

Just simply Contact Us - with your name, email, and subject. The subject could be for examples, 'dog collars' or 'trade inquiry' or 'GREAT SITE!' etc. My-Pet-Needs reserve the right to reply within 48 hours by email. However, this is usually much swifter. Or, even almost instant when our provided Live Chat is monitored by a Support Angel.

For wholesale support,  you could also contact My-Pet-Needs' very own, Erica Ellison, for any wholesales information. Erica can be contacted through email account: erica@my-pet-needs.com - or, why not take the time-out to meet Erica, plus the additional 3 of our Fab-Four, Senior Admin Team? You can simply view each senior member's personally prepared profiles, by just clicking our About Page - plus, they have also allowed their pics to be published.

Why Choose My Pet Needs?

We, at My-Pet-Needs, believe we manage to create regular Retail Supplies and Wholesale Trade Deals, repeat orders, due to our competitively fixed pricing. Plus, with each product being of the finest premium quality. Join our almost countless Retail and Trade customer's to benefit completely from our Product Categories ordering. For these, along with other additional Retail and Trade order's benefits, simply secure your first My-Pet-Needs single Retail or multiple Trade order today.

mpn_128x120_prize_competition_member_account signup incentive

My-Pet-Needs are excited to announce plans of our Grand Prize Draw exclusive to our Member Account signups, from when this information is published on our Homepage, until Grand Prize Draw closes, end 31 May 2019. The Competition Grand Prize could be potentially worth a lot's more over maturity and development.

My-Pet-Needs competition has kindly been sponsored by our server hosts, web designers, and internet marketing management providers db-B2B-UK. The Business2Business and eCommerce solutions providers also offer Geo-targeted and niche targeted web + mobile traffic; Geo-targeted and niche targeted email marketing campaigns; website + logo design; business, eCommerce and email copy content, plus lot's more.

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Grand Prize Draw Rules Are Available - Here

"Thanks ever so much, for visiting our My-Pet-Needs homepage. Your very next move would be to browse through our product categories and subcategories, to get yourself simply and easily where you need to be. Save this page to your browser Bookmarks/Favourites in order to visit us often, plus be first in, to view all of our latest bargains, offers and newly included products." 

My-Pet-Needs categories and subcategories products feeds are continuously updated daily. We supply many classic popular favorites, and with many additional products being wholly exclusive to our UK Best Online Pet Supplies Superstore. Why not let your very own homely pet's benefit from being the first to have exclusively resourced pet products, pet essentials, pet accessories,  pet coats, Pet costumes, &/or very deserving, pet toys + pet gifts?

Be sure to visit each of our web pages published 'Page Content Related Posts' situated at the footer of each web page. Here you would notice web page related updates, images, and even related products. You can click on any published Related Post thumbnail image, to reveal additional details or additional product information.

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Many, Many Thanks, Once Again.

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Report & Help a Lost Fancy / Homing Pigeon - Here

Give the pigeon fresh water immediately - essential

Place the bird in a shoe-box type, hand-towel lined, roomful bed

The disorientated fella will soon need commercial mix pigeon food

Food could be resourced from a loft neighbor or local pigeon club

Failing this, he may be best left unfed before eating human food

Talk gently to the wanderer - keeping rowdy kids & pets away

Make a note of the pigeons fastened leg band ID

Most leg band ID's locate the owner when searched in Google

Contact My-Pet-Needs or a pigeon association or local pigeon club

"Thank you - you may have just helped save a lost pigeons life"

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