PETPLAN Pet and Equine Insurance Discounts

My-Pet-Needs Newest Sponsor Partner, PETPLAN are UK's largest, along with most trusted Pet Insurance Group. The UK industry giants are celebrating by exclusively offering clients who click on their banner ads we've published on our homepage - 10% OFF PET INSURANCE, and 1 MONTH FREE WITH EQUINE INSURANCE. To qualify for any of these very generous offers, simply click either or both ads on our site.

Save yourself possibly 1,000's in vet bills, plus it's really comforting just having peace of mind, knowing your pet is in the best possible care, should they ever fall ill, suffer disease, need dental treatment, need regular treatment or medication. Or, should they ever have an accident or need emergency surgery.

You may keep promising yourself you'll get around to securing your pet's long-term healthcare plan, soon..?

... Just how soon exactly?



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