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Welcome to our updated, new-look My-Pet-Needs ‘About’ web page. We are a very modern and recently established UK Online Pet Supplies Superstore project. The site was first set up and began trading during mid-2011. However, during the past 6 years, we’re swiftly claiming the competitive edge over our former UK pet supplies market leaders.

Yes, we’ve been leaving any of our competitor fields further and further behind, with our progressively intense and continuously leading marketing campaigns. We would imagine we are the fastest growing online pet supplies superstore in the UK. To add more strength to Our many Unique Selling Points.

We've managed to have evolved so highly rapidly, generating very much visitor interest, due to our marvelous combinations of having 2 young dynamic, fresh thinking executives with fresh, ground-breaking ideas & suggestions - backed-up by the guaranteed surety of 2 worldly wise, along with 2 well knowledgeable, experienced heads of family's.

You can clearly view in our sidebar column displayed, Count Per Day web stats analysis, how we can confidently generate up to over 2,000 daily visitors, with every single passing day. Well, you’ve found us here, plus we’ve most probably reassuringly generated over an additional 2,000 other visitors interested in our UK online pet supplies superstore in the past 24 hours.



No, at times we can have up to over 25 current visitors browsing My-Pet-Needs website simultaneously. We’re also very excited to announce our newly provided racing pigeon fancier’s goodies – from lofts to carriers, accessories, foods, supplements, beetroot to healthcare, stimulants, and vitamins, plus much, much more.

My-Pet-Needs decided to provide these products, following market research that there aren’t so many online national racing pigeon’s supplies providers. We would like to make a claim that we are since one of the largest suppliers for racing pigeon products, supplies and accessories suppliers in the UK.[woocom

My-Pet-Needs have just included pics and profile awareness of our leading admin staff on this, our ‘About’ web page. 4 definite contenders put forward to represent our company - would be our 2 My-Pet-Needs co-founder’s and UK Online Pet Supplies Superstore, 2 joint venture shared owners, Mou Ghosh and Ste Blaney.

Plus, additionally included pics and profile awareness content, of our Customer Support manager, Kelly Diaz. And finally, but never any of the lesser importance, our Wholesales support leader, Erica Ellison. Erica is related to Ste, as his eldest niece.

Scroll down this page and meet our Fab-Four Admin Team Leaders. Each member has supplied their personal profile 'in their own words.' Below, they bare-all their home lives, families. all the pet's that they responsibly and lovingly care for (which could make a petting zoo between the Fab-Four.) Each Support Angel also explains their usual additional My-Pet-Needs daily duties.

Thanks for viewing our My-Pet-Needs ‘About’ web page. We are continuously updating and adding to our current products list. Save us to your browser bookmarks, to save being disappointed over a lost special offer or products update. You could also send a message to any of our admin leaders - by simply placing their first name before our domain title, for example, to contact our founders Mou Ghosh or Ste Blaney you would address an email message to mou@my-pet-needs.com or ste@my-pet-needs.com

Be sure to thoroughly search through our pet’s products categories and subcategories, in the provided sidebar column menu before you leave – just in case you’ve missed any essentials for your beloved, dependent and part of our own homely trusted pet’s.

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My-Pet-Needs - Support Angels

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mou ghosh special: Visitor Support Team Member Profile Pic


My name is Mou Ghosh, I'm 24yo and live with my parents. Along with Ste Blaney, I'm co-founder and joint owner of My-Pet-Needs. The pets I keep include a Pug breed dog, Arthur because he's 'half a' dog, along with a very old and grumpy Floppy-Eared rabbit, Bugs. Our team have heaps of good fun working together. My responsibilities for My-Pet-Needs include managing onsite and offsite Search Engine Optimisation, processing orders and we all serve our place at monitoring Live Chat as a Support Angel. You can contact me, via Email -  mou@my-pet-needs.com


Hi there,

Ste Blaney here, I'm aged 53 & live with my 20yo son, Jamie and 11yo daughter, Poppy. Their mum sadly passed away suddenly during 2008, aged just 32. As Mou mentions in her profile above, she and I are original co-founders and joint owners of My-Pet-Needs. Our family pets include a St. Bernard breed of dog, Oscar, a tailless all 'Blue' Manx cat, Minx. Jamie also breeds budgies and we have a well stocked large, tropical fish aquarium. My daily duties include customer relations, internet + email marketing, orders processing + Live Chat Support Angel ste@my-pet-needs.com

kelly diaz special: Client Support Team Member Profile Pic


I'm Kelly Diaz, 35yo. I'm a divorced mum of 2 daughter's, Katie 18yo and Aimee 16yo. I also take responsibility and care for my 9yo adopted daughter, Louise. Our family pet's include 2 Jack Russell dogs, Jake & Jill, plus we have a tortoise that has been in our family since I was only a few weeks born, named Woody. We recently also have a budgie, Boysie, which Jamie, Ste's son reared from an egg. My duties for My-Pet-Needs, include admin management, order processing & acting as a Support Angel for our Live Chat - "I'm as happy in work as much as I could be anywhere" kelly@my-pet-needs.com

erica ellison special: Client Support Team Member Profile Pic


I'm 23 years old Erica Ellison and I'm presently sharing a property with my best friend since playschool, Rachel. I'm also Ste's niece. Rachel has a parrot, Echo, plus I'm a loving Keeper to my black Labra-Poodle puppy, Sooty. We are also about to soon order a My-Pet-Needs - Large Aquatics Kit to keep an assortment of tropical fish. Duties include wholesale order processing and Support Angel Live Chat monitoring.  Contact me for any wholesales order and shipping queries. If you're fine, simply use our Products Categories for Wholesale pet supplies - "I wake each Monday morning with such pure delight for the week aheaderica@my-pet-needs.com

shahana ferdous SPECIAL: Site Visitor Admin Team Profile Pic Support Banner

Hello there, I'm 28 yo Shahana Ferdous. I've recently been appointed by Mou and Ste to join our Senior Adnin Team from our General Admin Team. My skills include having MA university honours in web consultancy and geology. My everyday duties as Senior Admin will include updating My-Pet-Needs website, resolving any web issues, monitoring Live Support, plus processing orders. I can be personally contacted through:    shahana@my-pet-needs.com    - many thanks, Shahana.

Write to us for contact help or to offer a constructive suggestion or idea. My-Pet-Needs Head Office Address has been provided on the right.

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