300 Un-Netted Fat Balls For Wild Birds (150 pack x 2)

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300 Un-Netted Fat Balls For Wild Birds (150 pack x 2)300 delicious suet ballsIdeal for year round feedingHigh energy bird foodNOT IN NETS Please note, occasionally (due to carriage and the fragile nature of the product) it can be common for up to 15% of fat balls to be broken at the bottom of the box, but don’t worry as the birds still eat them all the same. We actually list these products at a very low rate to help with this issue for you the customer.Normally retail in the pet shops when packed up in smaller packs, as much as £40 or more.These high energy, quality fat balls from Petsupplyuk have been specially
formulated to help provide all the nutrients wild birds need throughout the
year.Each fat ball is ready to use and is
guaranteed to attract a wide variety of wild birds to your garden. To be used in
a suitable feeder to attract most species including: Tits, Finches, Robins,
Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Wrens, Blackbirds and Thrushes. 2 x 150 Fat Balls Net
FreeSuet products are dramatically increasing in their consumption and
are becoming much more versatile in their presentation. Garden birds just don’t
seem to be able to get enough of them! We source ALL our fatballs and suet
products right here in the UK, so when you buy these high quality, energy dense
fat products from us, you do so in the knowledge that they are from a UK