MASSIVE Bag of Beef tripe sticks, dried, 5 kg – no added preservatives

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Dried Tripe SticksNatural chewing item – no added preservativesBULK BUY and save money, this is a BIG BAG 5kg of them.Ideal for a family of dogs, Dogs home, dog breeders etcThese fantastic dog treats are packed full of protein which makes them ideal for growing puppies or lactating bitches. Made from dried tripe, this 5kg large bag ensures that you have a plentiful supply which you’ll need as dogs simply adore them.RRP: £54.99 (Per 5kg Pack)Beef Tripe contains all the essential fatty acids and juices within a cow’s
stomach and is one of the healthiest, most nutritious dog treats available to
dogs and their owners. These treats are an amazing cleaner for teeth and great
for overall skin and coat condition. They do have a slight odor, so we recommend
that you give them to your dog outside.Tripe Sticks are made from high-quality free-range, grass fed British beef cows.
Approximately 5 to 7 inches long each. These long-lasting dog chews are a tasty
treat that also clean your dog’s teeth as he or she chomps down! Packed with
essential fatty acids, our Tripe Sticks promote overall skin and coat
health. All Natural British Beef Contains essential fatty acids Great for
teeth, skin and coat Preservative-free, additive-free, chemical-free
Ingredients: All-Natural Beef Tripe Another all natural dog treat from our line of great tasting, wholesome products, these fully digestible
dog chews are a safe, healthy alternative to rawhide.