Puppy Pull Outdoor puppy dog pull & play toy – hangs from door frame Red


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Using an interactive pull toy is a fun way for your dog to play tug-of-war with minimal to no effort from you. Not only is this toy enjoyable for your pup, but it will also increase agility and strength in your four-legged companion. Simply attach one end to a tree, then kick up your feet with your favorite novel in hand and enjoy a cold beverage. It’s a great way to get some much-needed downtime while your pets are happily entertained.ANIMAL  CLUB  LETS  PLAY  RANGETHE PUPPY PULL TUG PLAY TOYTHIS INNOVATION NEW TOY ATTATCHES TO YOUR DOOR FRAME OR OUTSIDE TREESO THAT YOUR PUPPY CAN PULL AND TUG ON IT TO THERE HEARTS CONTENTWHICH GIVES YOUR ARMS A REST  ;-)PUPPYS LOVE ITPLEASE NOTE – DO NOT LEAVE YOU PET UNATTENDED WHEN PLAYING WITH TOYS