Wildbird Fatballs 6 Pack

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Wild Bird Fat Balls Treats

Bird Fat Balls is the perfect pick for a caring pet owner like you. A high-energy
feed, it can be the perfect snack or meal for birds. Made by UK’s leading brand
in the niche of natural and 100% safe pet care supplies, Wild Bird Fat Balls
Treats are easy to digest. Packed with a great flavour, they seem to appeal to
the appetite of every domesticated and wild bird. Packing essential nutrition, Wild
Bird Balls help in birds recovering from serious injuries or bout of bad health
too, such as damaged feathers. A safe, year-round bird feeding option which you
can use to feed visiting garden birds too!Wildbird Fatballs 6 Pack Best priceSuet FAT Ball – 6 PackSuitable for Wild Garden BirdsPackage Measures approximately 20cm x 11cm x 6cm 6 pack suet fat balls for wild birds. Complete with a full colour label. Birds love these suet treats so why not attract lots of birds to your garden. Normal retail £1.49 per 6 pack, our rate for these is very good.